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Your first survey in 10 minutes

Create a short survey and set up rules for a personalized presentation in just 10 minutes.

Create a new Survey

We always recommend using one of our templates as a starting point, but sometimes it’s just as quick to create a new survey.

Log in to your account. If you’re already logged in, go to the home page. Click the Create New Survey button at the top left of the page.

You will automatically move to the Survey Editor page.

Add a survey title

Survey titles are optional, but if you would like to add a title,, click Survey Settings. A dialog appears.

Set the Title to ‘A Quick Survey’ or anything you like. Click OK to save your changes and return to the editor.

Add demographic questions

You’ll need to collect some demographic information from your audience. Escono uses special Demographic Questions for this.

The data from Demographic Questions is treated differently to regular questions. For example, if you set up a connector to HubSpot, data from the Demographic Questions is used to identify contacts in HubSpot.

Look for the Questions Toolbox at the left of the page. Making sure the Demographic section is expanded, click and drag the First Name, Last Name and Email questions onto the Survey Builder page. Question blocks appear.

Your survey should look like this:

Add a page

In Escono, you can set up your survey with the questions all on one page, or with each question on its own page – or any combination of pages and questions. Let’s add a new page.

Click the plus + button at the top right of the editor to add a new page. A new blank page appears.

Add a regular question

From the tool box on the left, making sure the General category is expanded, click and drag a Radio Group question onto the page. A question block appears.

Click the Edit button in the control bar at the top of the question block. A dialog appears.

Click the General tab to expand the General section if it is not already expanded. Type the text of the question in the Title box. We’ll set the question to “How satisfied are you with your current lead gen process?”

Below, set the Is required switch to selected.

Question choices

Now let’s give your respondents some choices. Scroll down and click the Choices tab to expand the Choices section. We’ll set the choices to “Satisfied”, “Neutral” and “Not satisfied”.

Report settings

We want respondents to get a personalized report when they fill out this survey. Let’s include this question in the report. Click Benchmarking Report Settings to expand the Benchmarking Report Settings section.

Set Include in Report to checked to make sure this question appears in the report.

The report will contain a page which shows a chart for this question. Set Chart Type to bar or column.

You can also set some text to appear above and below the chart. Let’s put some Lorem Ipsum in. Here’s some Lorem Ipsum you can copy:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed at vestibulum libero. Aenean tellus ligula, laoreet eget lorem nec, ornare rhoncus sapien. Nam ex justo, pretium sed sem vitae, hendrerit tristique mi. Fusce malesuada magna et fringilla elementum. Quisque aliquet in dolor et vestibulum. 

Click OK to close the dialog. Your survey should look like this:

Now we’ve included that question in the report, let’s set up the rest of the report.

Click Survey Settings. The Edit Survey Settings dialog appears. Click Benchmarking Report to expand the Benchmarking Report Settings section.

Set the Include Demographics Data… and Include Recommendations… checkboxes to checked. Add a title for the report. Clock OK to close the dialog or leave the dialog open so we can move quickly on to the next step.

Thank you page

Let’s set up a thank you page for your respondents. This is a page which shows after the survey has been completed.

Click Survey Settings. The Edit Survey Settings dialog appears. Click Show on Completed to expand the Completed HTML section.

You can add any HTML to this page. Let’s just add a note saying ‘Thank you for completing this survey’. Click OK to close the dialog.

Create recommendations

There’s one last thing to do before activating the survey. Let’s set up some simple recommendations so that respondents see reports which reflect their answers.

Return to the Surveys page. You can do this by clicking Surveys in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

You’ll see your survey in the list of surveys. By default, it is called New Survey. If you want to rename it, click the hamburger icon on the far right. The Survey Menu displays. Select Rename.

From the same menu, select Recommendations Editor. The Recommendations Builder page appears. Click Edit. The editor dialog appears.

Click the bar labelled Not Set (click to add)

Click Select question… to display a list of questions. Note that the questions display using their Question IDs. The numbering starts from the first questions you added, which were the three demographic questions.

We want to set recommendations for the non-demographic question, which means we are setting recommendations for Question 4. In the dropdown, select question4.

Next, choose an option from the value dropdown, which is located below. Here we’ll select Satisfied.

Finally, enter some text in the HTML box. This is the content which will display if the respondent has chosen ‘Satisfied’ as their answer to this question. You can put any HTMLin this area – there are no limits – but for now we’ll just put in some text.

Congratulations! We’re glad you’re happy with your lead gen process! Let’s help you make it even better!

The dialog box should look like this:

Click OK to return to close the editor.

Let’s set up recommendation texts for the other two question choices. Click Add New Recommendation. A new recommendation is added to the page and the Editor dialog opens.

Follow the steps above to configure recommendations for the Neutral and Not Satisfied options. You can put anything you like, but here is our suggested text:

You answered ‘neutral’. Sounds like there might be some things we could help you with.

Sorry to hear you’re not happy with your lead gen process. We’re ready to start fixing it for you!

When you’re done, the Recommendations page will look like this:

Activate your survey

Now we’re ready to activate the survey and start collecting responses. Return to the Surveys page.

In the row for your new survey, click the toggle switch in the Active column to the on position. You will see a confirmation message saying that the Survey status has changed.

Run through your survey

Let’s check this survey out. Click the hamburger icon to display the Survey Menu and select Sharing URLs. A dialog appears.

Click the icon next to Default URL to copy the URL. You can also set human-friendly urls for sharing your surveys.

Paste the URL into your browser. The survey will appear.

Run through the survey a couple of times so that you have a respondents who have chosen all three responses for the main survey question.

Check out the results

Go to the Surveys page at app.escono.com. Find your survey and click the hamburger icon. Choose Open Survey Results. The Survey Results page appears.

You may see one or more responses highlighted and marked Pending. This is normal. Escono will process those responses within a minute.

To view the answers in the response, click the hamburger icon. The Survey Result dialog appears.

Check out the presentation

At last! Let’s view the personalized presentations which Escono has automatically generated for your respondents. Copy the Benchmarking Report URL and paste into your browser.

On the title page, you’ll see the name of your respondent. Go to the next page and you’ll see a chart showing the collected data for the question, with this respondent’s answer highlighted.

You’ll also see the personalized recommendations text beneath the chart. Remember, this could be any html you like – we have only used text for this exercise.


You have just automatically generated personalized content in Escono!

Check out our other Getting Started and How To tutorials to find out more about the awesome power of Escono.

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